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natural multipurpose spray

How to make easy, inexpensive multipurpose cleaning spray using Castile soap

From walls, to floors, bathroom surfaces and kitchen countertops, Castile soap can be used to clean almost anything. It’s eco friendly (being biodegradable), it’s gentle on skin and combined with powerful disinfecting essential oils is the perfect addition to a DIY natural multipurpose cleaning spray.

Castile soap acts as a surfactant cleaner which means it lifts and removes germs, bacteria, dirt and grease. Combined with the naturally antibacterial properties of essential oils you are set with a beautifully fragrant, all-natural cleaner to use around the house as needed. I keep a bottle in both the laundry and kitchen.

You will need:

2 tbsp unscented liquid Castile soap
1 cup cooled boiled water
10 drops essential oils (see suggestions below)
Spray bottle (preferably dark and glass to prolong life of the product)


  1. Add ingredients to the spray bottle, shake gently to combine.
  2. Store out of direct sunlight. To use, spray and wipe with a damp microfibre cloth. For surfaces that require disinfection, repeat the process and leave the spray for a few minutes on the surface first before wiping.

Where can I use my Castile soap multipurpose spray?

  • On waxed/wooden surfaces while dusting (drying thoroughly after use)
  • Granite and natural stone countertops
  • Walls/skirtings
  • Bathroom countertops, tiles, bathtub, toilet
  • Blinds
  • Light switches
  • Kitchen cupboards, knobs and handles
  • Laundry basket, to clean the outside of the washing machine, dryer

Choosing your essential oils

These are my favourite multipurpose essential oils for cleaning. I like to keep it simple and use oils which are versatile when it comes to both household and personal use. Read more about my go to essential oils here.

Lemon – Fantastic for tackling tough cleaning with antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-infectious properties. It’s scent is fresh and clean, boosting energy. Perfect for in the kitchen.

Eucalyptus – My favourite to use in the home. It is an all rounder powerhouse cleaner being antibacterial, anti fungal, antiviral and a natural deodoriser. Perfect for all surfaces.

Lavender – Fights against viruses, bacteria and fungus all while leaving the most beautiful, calming smell. I love creating my own essential oil blends with lavender. 

Peppermint – A refreshing, invigorating natural antiseptic which also happens to repel insects. Perfect to disinfect both kitchens and bathrooms.

I love to create blends using the above oils depending on my mood. Peppermint and lemon create a revitalising, stimulating scent. Lemon and lavender paired created a juicy, uplifting blend… The options are limitless.


I don’t use this spray on anything glass or mirrored. See my DIY glass cleaner. Castile soap can leave behind a white film when combined with hard water.

Like with anything, use caution when using essential oils and spot test inconspicuous surfaces first. Check with your manufacturer if in doubt. 

Where to buy

Essential oils

It took me months of research to find the best fit for me. I source my oils from ECO. Modern Essentials who are Australian made and owned. These are 100% pure essential oils (to receive the full benefit, it’s important to purchase oils without synthetic ingredients). ECO. Modern Essentials is not an MLM (multi level marketing company) which means they are able to pass the best prices directly to the consumer versus having to pay high commissions to its recruits. No memberships are required to purchase. Buy what you need at the best price, when you need it. Use code SIMPLE10 for 10% off. 

Spray bottles 

I head to Sassy & Arbee for my glass, pharmaceutical grade bottles with trigger spray closures. You are also able to customise your very own labels. Use code TSH10 for 10% off.

Natural health and DIY products

I source all of my health and DIY products from Vitalia. They are a beautiful Australian business who source only the highest quality and sustainably sourced ingredients. Find Castile soap, dispensers and lots of other amazing products here. Use code SIMPLE for 5% off.

This article contains affiliate links. You can read my full affiliate disclosure here.

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