Frugal rainy day activities with kids

frugal rainy day activities for kids

We have been struck with extreme weather conditions here in Sydney recently. 40 degree plus temperatures followed closely with torrential rain. I find these days difficult – most of the time we cant head outdoors and the last thing I want to do is take the kids to a shopping centre where I am spending money mindlessly because of boredom. I asked you what your top frugal rainy day activities with kids were and these are the brilliant ideas you came up with.

Frugal Rainy Day Activities with Kids

  • Build a fort
  • Painters tape to create roads and tracks
  • Board games, memory games and card games like UNO
  • Homemade play dough
  • Baking, getting the kids involved in meal preparation in the kitchen
  • Favourite movie at home with popcorn
  • Indoor picnic
  • Play in the rain if it’s not too cold with gumboots and umbrellas 
  • Bath play! Freeze some toys in water to plonk in or use a few drops of food colouring to add an element of fun
  • Indoor camping with a tent, blankets and chairs (or using the dining table if you have no tent!)
  • Create an indoor obstacle course (crawling through a tunnel of chairs, hopping on one foot around pillows, jumping in and out of a hoola hoop, balancing an object on your head etc)
  • Bocce down the hallway (read about what Bocce is here)
  • Visit the library
  • Have a dance party or a concert using homemade instruments
  • Balloon volley ball
  • Look at old photos 
  • Printables – If you have access to a printer, print some pictures for the kids to colour in. No need for new colouring books!
  • Play “Playschool” – use the recycled items you already have in your home to create. Create a sea scene using foil for fish and torn paper for seaweed. Create play “money” using bottle tops. Make a robot from a cardboard box. Your options are limitless!

These activities inspire creativity, they are fun, they encourage time together as a family and best of all most of them are completely free!

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