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go to cleaning bathroom products

It’s been a journey for me when it comes to cleaning products in the bathroom.

Dabbling with more natural products has been interesting – I found myself trying many things that worked but that took a lot of effort, left a film, left residue or simply didn’t clean as well as what I would like. Above all, I like to keep things simple for myself. Multi-purpose products are always great and I don’t like having too many bottles either!

I can safely say that the below bathroom cleaning products work just as well, if not better than products I’ve used in the past. My bathroom comes up sparkling with minimal effort and without the harsh chemicals.

As with anything, make sure you do a spot test first on your surfaces if you are concerned about the way any of these products will interact with your materials (leave for 24 hours before commencing a full clean).


glass cleaner

Glass Cleaner

You will need:

½ cup white vinegar
½ cup cooled boiled water
8 drops essential oils of choice 
Spray bottle (preferably dark and glass to prolong life of the product)


  1. Combine all ingredients in the spray bottle. Shake gently to combine. 
  2. Spray directly onto the surface and use microfibre cloths to polish and dry.

I use this solution on the bathroom mirror, to shine up the shower screen, on tiles and on any chrome finishes (such as the tap, toilet roll holder, towel holder etc). The finish is shiny and streak free. To read more about this incredible glass cleaner, click here

natural multipurpose spray

All Purpose Cleaner

You will need:

2 tbsp unscented liquid Castile soap
1 cup cooled boiled water
10 drops essential oils
Spray bottle (preferably dark and glass to prolong life of the product)


  1. Add ingredients to the spray bottle, shake gently to combine.
  2. Store out of direct sunlight. To use, spray and wipe with a damp microfibre cloth. For surfaces that require disinfection, repeat the process and leave the spray for a few minutes on the surface first before wiping.

I use this spray on my vanity, toilet bowl, bath tub and wall tiles. I use a washing up pad for any areas that need powerful scrubbing action followed with a damp microfibre cloth.

Dish Liquid

Dish liquid is an underrated, powerful cleaner in the bathroom. It leaves glass shower screens spotless. Use it on a damp washing up pad. It will very easily remove scum and leave glass super shiny once rinsed off (leaving no water marks behind). I also use dish liquid to clean my toothbrush tumblers, bins and toilet brush holders (the washing up pads come in several different colours and I like to reserve one solely for bins and toilet brush holders). 


Gumption is one of my favourite household cleaning products. It works so well in conjunction with a grout brush to clean the grout between tiles in the shower, to clean around drains or any areas where there is stubborn grime to remove. Gumption is quite abrasive so use it carefully and spot test if unsure. Avoid using it on glass as it can leave a streaky finish.


ECO. Modern Amber Glass Spray Bottle
ECO. Modern Essentials 500ml Amber Glass Spray Bottle

Amber glass spray bottles for DIY sprays

Dark, glass spray bottles are essential in preserving the life of your products (particularly if you are using essential oils). These gorgeous ECO. Modern Essentials 500ml Amber Glass Spray Bottles are an all natural and economical way to keep your home clean. Use code SIMPLE10 for 10% off.

White Magic Eco Cloth and Washing up Pads

These have completely changed the way I clean. I particularly like the White Magic Washing Up Pads (they have an abrasive non scratch surface which is so great for scrubbing). The White Magic Eco Cloths are incredibly versatile, being designed for most surfaces and can actually be used without any products. Use code SIMPLE10 for 10% off.


A pair of rubber gloves are an inexpensive way for you to protect yourself from bacteria while cleaning. Mine are an older version of these.

Paper Towel

I use paper towel to clean the toilet seat and bowl. I don’t like the idea of using a cloth which I would need to wash separately in an empty washing machine. Use a microfibre cloth if you feel more comfortable.


I love being at home, I love being in our space and living simply. A clean space allows me to get more enjoyment from our home. It’s not about having several products that all have unique agendas. It’s about keeping it simple and having a routine in place that encourages me to get my tasks done so I can focus on what is important. 

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