Before becoming a Mum, I was really into makeup. I loved experimenting with different colours and had a vanity filled with different products. I would watch Youtube beauty videos and would attempt different looks on the daily (unsuccessfully). I remember going into labour and drawing on my brows, ready to go (yes, really). It’s a good  thing I took the time to do that because makeup afterwards was clearly not a priority! Living with a newborn was real. I was exhausted and if there was any time left in the day, I was sleeping, not fussing over my face! The old me drifted away. Far away. I became consumed in motherhood (by necessity and also by choice).

My kids are now aged 4 and 6. 95% of the day’s focus is not on me. But as time has progressed and as I have eased out of those blurry newborn days, I make sure to give myself that 5%. I love spending 10 minutes in the morning getting ready and doing my makeup. It might sound superficial but it’s a tiny glimmer of the “old” me and helps me feel put together and ready to take on the day.

My skin has changed so much. There are fine lines that have settled in on my forehead, the deep line between my brows that just seems to keep getting deeper… But I’m embracing these lines with open arms. They are a sign of “age”, yes, but I welcome every year as it comes and I’m grateful.

Here you will find my recommendations on incredible beauty products that are in short, produced by companies who care about us and who care not only about the ingredients that they put into their products but also the way they are produced. Not only are these products made consciously, they are also better than chemical-filled alternatives.

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