How to sell your clothes online

I have made thousands of dollars selling my unwanted belongings that no longer serve me purpose. I think about what I need versus what I think I want.
how to sell clothes online

I have made thousands of dollars selling my unwanted belongings that no longer serve me purpose. It has given me a new found perspective of putting thought into what I purchase. I think about what I need versus what I think I want.

Here are my tips for selling online.

Remember it all adds up

Remember a little money is better than no money – $5 is $5. If you sell 3 items at $5 each you have $15. If I offered you free bread and milk for the week would you take it? I imagine you would! Sell a few things weekly and you will quickly see how they add up. Don’t put it in the ‘it’s not worth it basket’.

Don’t overprice

Depending on the brand and quality of the item, don’t list for more than 10-40% of its original value. This will ensure it sells.


Take lots of photos in good quality lighting (natural light is perfect). Merchandise your product! Think of yourself as a store manager. Be honest about wear and tear, this builds trust and ensures your items sell quickly.

Bundle clothing

Sell clothing in bundles such as kids clothing. Ensure you group by age and  include specific details of what is in the bundle. Take clear photos of the clothing laid out. A shot of it folded also helps, it shows you care for your items.

Where to list your items.

When to use eBay

Use eBay to reach Australia wide audiences. It’s fantastic for clothing sales. Start bidding low to drum up attention to your product. The more views, the more bids and the higher you will rank in search results. Ensure you include that you are happy to bundle postage in your description, this may encourage a buyer to purchase multiple items. Ebay charge roughly 20% in fees.

eBay allows you to either select local pick up or postage. Postage is easy, eBay calculates the postage cost on your item. You will be able to select a small/medium or large satchel. These are set prices and can be purchased off the Australia Post website or in store. You can send up to 5kg per satchel. Most clothing items will fit in a small satchel. My suggestion would be to invest in one of each bag so you understand the pricing and sizes.

When to sell on Facebook

Facebook Marketplace is great for clothing and is free to use. I generally list on both eBay and Facebook to maximise reach. 

Facebook Marketplace is excellent for homewares. Leave things out by your doorstep for people to collect if you feel comfortable. They can leave cash in your letterbox or under your doormat. It saves a lot of time. This isn’t for everyone and of course depends on how high traffic your area is and the value of your item.

Use Facebook Buy/Swap/Sell pages and product specific groups in your local area (eg. I sold my Bugaboo pram on a Bugaboo Buy/Swap/Sell page and my Thermomix on a Thermomix Buy/Swap/Sell page and my wedding dress on a Wedding Buy/Swap/Sell page etc).

If a Facebook buyer wants you to hold an item for them, have them pay you via PayPal or bank transfer, the people truly interested will pay. You avoid people wasting your time this way. I include this information in my listings.

If it starts to get tough.

Don’t panic!

Try not to get overwhelmed, decluttering and parting with your items is the hard part, once you’ve done that give yourself a huge pat on the back. Pick a few items and start slow.

Set yourself a timeframe

If your items aren’t selling, consider your pricing. Otherwise, be patient! The right buyer will come along. Set yourself a timeframe, drop the price after 2 weeks and if the items haven’t sold, consider donating them. It is important to remove the clutter and not get bogged down in it.


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