How to stop spending money on clothes

Do you use Decluttering as an excuse to go shopping? Every time I declutter, I’m reminded that I don’t need anymore stuff… at all.
how to stop spending money on clothes

‘I’m going to declutter my wardrobe and create a capsule and then I’m going to go out and buy the pieces I desperately need to complete it’. Does this sound familiar? Do you use decluttering as an excuse to go shopping? Every time I declutter, I’m reminded that I don’t need anymore stuff … at all.

If you want a minimal or capsule wardrobe, here is what you need to do.

No new clothes timeframe

Set yourself a goal of no new clothes for a certain timeframe. Be bold. Challenge yourself to wear only your existing pieces. You may surprise yourself with what creative looks you come up with.

Realise no one cares

No one cares if you wear the same clothes. Love what you have, be grateful for it. You will not get the boy/girl/promotion/friend by wearing new clothes.

If it doesn’t bring you value, remove it

Remove the items from your life that don’t bring you value. If you no longer like an item, or it doesn’t fit you NOW in your present moment, or if you feel bad moving it out of your life because of how much it cost – it’s okay to let it go. Sell it and make some money (here’s how) or donate it to charity.

declutter your clothes how

Focus on yourself

If you feel like buying new clothes, focus on yourself instead. Declutter or organise a space, go for a walk, cook yourself a beautiful meal, paint your nails, have a bath, wash your hair, do whatever is going to bring you joy and take the focus off buying.

Use what you have

Recognise ‘new’ clothes are only new for a short period of time. Soon they will look like all the other things in your wardrobe. Your quest to fill a personal void with ‘things’ will never be met … use what you have.

Never pay full price

When you do need to buy clothes – never pay full price. Clothes go on sale all the time.

Consider second hand

Consider second hand clothing. Quality, designer pieces at a fraction of the cost. Great for your pocket, great for the planet. Buy from op-shops, eBay, Facebook Marketplace or online thrift shops (click here for Australia’s online pre-loved clothing store).

Go classic 

Put thought into your purchases and buy items that suit your existing pieces. Consider your shoes and handbags and buy to compliment these. Go classic, less is more. As a guide, aim for 60% of your wardrobe to be classic staples in a neutral palette (eg. black blazer, the perfect pair of jeans, crisp white shirt or leather motorcycle jacket). Have fun with the remaining 40%, enjoy pops of colour and print to add personality to your basics. 

Forget the rules

Don’t get bogged in the numbers. It’s okay to have 10, 20, 30 or even 100 pieces! Your closet is YOUR closet. There are no rules other than making sure the pieces in it are all items you wear regularly and love.

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