Low Tox

My version of ‘normal’ was writing a grocery list, buying what was on it and focusing on buying food, cosmetics and household products with the best value and/or taste. I put zero thought into what I was buying because like many of us I trusted that whatever is available to buy in the supermarket is safe. I downloaded an app called Chemical Maze and I searched an ingredient in our home brand whole egg mayonnaise. I found one of the ingredients was derived from petroleum and really wasn’t that great for us. 

For me, my learnings have been about making simple swaps where possible. There are options without preservatives and additives – I consider these first. My aim isn’t to eliminate preservatives and additives completely, but rather make educated choices.

Here I will share options that are safe for you and your family, that work and that are low cost. You will find home recipes, product swaps, products that are great to DIY and products that are best NOT to DIY! Always remember there is no ‘best way’ or ‘one size fits all’ in this space. Your best way will always be the best way.

pantry goals organisation

How to organise your pantry

Pantries come in all shapes and sizes. Big, small, walk in, drawers, shelves… But to truly make the most out of any space, it comes down to organisation.

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