The best natural lipsticks for mature skin

Making the switch to the most incredible, moisturising, hydrating, all natural lip products.
best natural lipstick for mature skin

As I become more aware of the outdated use of chemicals in the beauty industry (with many companies using cheap, synthetic, filler ingredients in their products), my priority has been making considered swaps. I want to feel safe and confident in the goodness of natural beauty products, knowing my skin is being treated with the kindest and purest ingredients.

But you know what else I want? I want it to look good! And I want it to be reasonably priced! And I want it to be BETER than the chemical filled products I was using previously. Now, I know that’s a whole of demands right there. As a result, I found my search difficult initially. A lot of products just didn’t do what they said they would. Or they were patchy. Or not as pigmented. Many brands had limited colour options. Or they were expensive. The list goes on… And then the day came. I found the most PERFECT, 100% natural, nourishing, moisturising lip products better than any products I had ever used before.

Luk Beautifood are Australian made products that are made from food. You read that right. Their products are of 100% natural origin, they are cruelty free, their packaging is recyclable and their products will leave your lips feeling comfortable, moisturised and looking absolutely beautiful.

These are the products you need to try.

Lip Nourish 

The Luk Beautifood Lip Nourish range is what I use to give my lips a healthy, subtle glow. These lipsticks are conditioning and hydrating. Lip Nourish offers the comfort I need as my lips mature. The colour is natural but buildable. The coverage ranges from barely there, to sheer, to medium buildable. They are the type of lipstick you can keep in your handbag and happily reapply throughout the day. It would be very difficult for me to return to any other lipstick after using these. 

LUK Lip Nourish - Full Range
Luk Beautifood Lip Nourish

Tasting Plates

The best part? You can buy a tasting plate for as little as $5 including free shipping to experience the Lip Nourish range and try on the product in the comfort of your own home. I love when companies do this. It is so considerate. There is nothing worse than ordering a product, receiving it and it not suiting your skin and/or complexion. The tasting plate is genius. 

Lipstick Crayons

Luk Beautifood Lipstick Crayons are an incredible, comfortable, creamy demi-matte lipstick with staying power that doesn’t dry your lips out. These are super pigmented and nourish without caking. I can’t tell you how much I love these products. There are currently four shades in the collection, they are universally flattering. You can either wear the lipstick matte or layer over your favourite Lip Nourish to add shine. I like to apply the lipstick crayon in the morning and then top up with Lip Nourish throughout the day for ultimate comfort and hydration. My favourite shade is Lychee Sorbet, it is the perfect subtle pink. 

Luk Lipstick Crayon Full Range
Luk Beautifood Lipstick Crayons

Where are Luk Beautifood products available to purchase?

You can buy Luk Beautifood products directly on their website. Shipping is free and you can use discount code NICOLE20 for a 20% discount on all purchases over $50. This is an affiliate code, you can read more about my affiliate disclosure here.

My favourite shades

Click here to watch me apply my favourite Luk Beautifood products.

Prices and products correct at time of publishing. These are subject to change. Please refer to Luk Beautifood directly for current prices and promotions.

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