Things I do everyday to keep on top of housework

daily habits to keep a home clean

I get asked how to keep a clean home or how I stay motivated to keep a tidy home. And the answer is, I don’t always have a clean or tidy home! I have got two small children who love building forts which just so happen to utilise every cushion in our home. They also love shredding tiny bits of paper and playing recycling trucks. They also love painting, gluing, glitter . . . and did I mention they eat? Just general eating with young children gets messy and my point is . . . it should!

No one’s home is perfectly tidy ALL the time and it is completely okay for things to not be perfect. I try and maintain my home to ease the pressure of cleaning and tidying because I don’t want to get to the point where I need to spend 8 hours on a Saturday cleaning. I’ve been there before and it’s not fun, especially when all the playing and eating happens about 10 minutes after you’ve gotten everything looking the way you want it to!

These are the things I do everyday to keep on top of housework

Wake up and make the beds

Once we wake up I immediately make the beds, even if the rest of the room has stuff everywhere, It’s one less thing to think about that takes little effort and resets the room. This is a great one to get the kids involved with.

daily habits for a clean and tidy home

Empty the dishwasher

I make sure to empty the dishwasher first thing in the morning, even before breakfast. Breakfast is quickly packed away and the dishes throughout the day are easier to manage.

how to keep a clean home

Put on a load of washing

I wash everyday. Smaller loads mean less wrinkled clothing and a much more manageable amount of clothing to hang and fold. It stops laundry from being a huge task and breaks it down into something more achievable. The added bonus of this is that you will find you may get away with less clothes (check out how to create a kids’ capsule wardrobe here).

how to keep your home tidy with kids

Clean the kitchen

Every night before bed I make sure the dishwasher is stacked and the kitchen is clean after dinner, this means no dishes in the sink and the benches wiped down. It ensures the next morning runs smoothly.

Tips to keep your home clean

Pack up toys before bed

This is one that requires everyone’s involvement. We pack up toys in our rooms and around the house before bed. The kids help with this. It resets the house for the following day and teaches the kids to value their things!

how to keep your home clean


I may not do this every single day but it is something that I am constantly mindful of. If I have come across something that I don’t use and that doesn’t serve me purpose, it goes. I either donate it or sell it (click here for how).

clean home clean mind

So there you have it – nothing revolutionary, just simple habitual steps in my day that keep my home and head calm. It’s important to find your normal and not put too much pressure on yourself to find perfection. Focus on the little things that you can do to help make housework that little bit more manageable.

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