Travelling with kids domestically on a budget

We all know It’s not as easy as what it was when we would throw our shoes and dress in a bag and drive up or down the coast!
travelling with kids on a budget

Travelling with children – We all know It’s not as easy as what it was when we would throw our shoes and dress in a bag and drive up or down the coast! It takes a bit of planning and organisation.

Here are my top tips for travelling with kids domestically on a budget.

Compare Prices

Always compare your prices when booking your accommodation. Holiday rental properties can be a minimum of 10% cheaper when booked directly with the booking agent versus booking websites.

Book kitchen facilities

Consider booking accommodation with kitchen facilities – Having the ability to prepare some meals whilst away eases stress, saves money and time.

Avoid buying toys just for the trip

Don’t fall into the trap of dousing your children with toys in the car or on the flight (mine particularly love dropping them and having me pick them up!). Keep them away for as long as you can. Don’t feel you need to buy anything new. Play eye-spy, talk about what you will do whilst you’re away, sing songs (if you’re in the car), let them watch a movie, change them into pyjamas for rest/nap time, if you’re driving, stop along the way to stretch your legs! Only when all options have been extinguished, whip out the toy pack. I know this sounds easier said than done but I promise it will save you.

Order groceries online

Do an online grocery order and schedule it to arrive 1-2 hours after you do. Remove the stress of having to grocery shop while you’re away – Did you know Woolworths will deliver to most locations in Australia including resorts/hotels? It’s also handy placing an order for when you arrive back home

Take along some staples

Take along some of your staples like coffee/sugar/oil/salt/washing powder/detergent. Pop them into reusable sandwich bags/jars to avoid having to buy them – Smaller sized products always cost more and you can avoid this expense.

Meal plan

Meal plan – Loosely. If you’re going away for 7 nights for example, plan 4 easy meals that you can have during that time leaving you 3 nights free to either eat out or have leftovers. Check out some holiday meal ideas here. It relieves pressure when you’ve had a big day and you need to get everyone fed quickly.

Eat out comfortably

Grab a picnic blanket and have some fish and chips on the beach, go to the bistro/tavern and have a pub classic. You will all enjoy your time together so much more being in an environment that is suitable for children.


Unpack your clothes once you check-in, do it with your children so they understand where everything is going to live. They are then more likely to pack it away! It will make it much easier to get ready having everything laid out and in place.

Do a load of washing before you leave

Try to do a load of washing before you leave, it will make unpacking on the other side much easier.

Click here for some easy to make budget meals whilst on holiday.


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