How to create a capsule wardrobe

how to create a capsule wardrobe

“A capsule wardrobe” is a term thrown around a lot these days in the world of minimalism. Forget about what you know and allow for a capsule wardrobe to be whatever you want it to be. It is not about how many pieces you have but rather having pieces in your wardrobe that you value, that serve purpose and that you love.

There was a time in my life where I would walk through shopping centres looking at beautifully curated clothes on mannequins with shiny tags thinking that those items would make me feel sexy and complete my look. I would purchase these items and they were never enough. I always wanted more. I was trying to fill a void that was not possible to fill with things.

The only way you will ever have what you want is if you recognise you already have it. I found my inspiration in an article by Courtney Carver (if you want to have a read, click here).

Why you should create a capsule wardrobe

Reduce clutter and stress

Having a closet filled with things that you love and that fit your body mean you will actually want to wear them. It will simplify getting ready. You will feel good about only having things in your life that you use.

It grounds you

Dressing with less is a reminder of what is important. You may have forgotten what is important to you or you may not know it yet, there is no better reminder than minimising and making this your focus.

You will save money, time and space

Imagine more room to breathe in your wardrobe, more time in the mornings while you are getting ready and of course more money in your pocket as you are not constantly sourcing the next best thing.

How to create a capsule wardrobe

Put all of your clothes on your bed

Look at what you have, what you have been given, what you have spent money on. Look at the volume. Look at what you never wear and what you always wear. Using your bed means you will be motivated to finish before bedtime.

Sort into Categories

  1. Love – I love these items, they fit me well, they make me happy and I wear them frequently.
  2. Maybe – I want to keep these items but I don’t know why.
  3. Donate/sell – These items don’t fit my body or lifestyle.

Donate/sell pile

Put this pile in a spare room or garage, if you are starting out, I suggest donating immediately. If you are hoping to sell, set yourself a goal of having the items listed within 24 hours (to learn more about how to sell your clothes online click here).

Maybe pile

Try these clothes on and ask yourself these questions:
1. Would I buy this item again today?
2. Will I wear this item again in the next 3 months or ever?

If the answers are no, let them go. Donate or sell.

Love pile

Once you have your pile of keep clothes, pick out the items suitable for that season. Put the others in a box ready to revisit the next season.

How many items should I keep

My capsule isn’t necessarily about the number of items I have but rather having items in my life that I use and value. Whether it’s 20, 50 or 100… as long as I’m not buying more and using what I have I’m happy.

Less does not mean going without

I hope these how to’s inspire you to declutter and minimise your own collection. Create your own rules and enjoy the freedom that comes with letting go of items in your life that you simply don’t need. Remember that less does not mean going without. If you would like to see my capsule wardrobe, check out my YouTube video here

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