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Meal Plan #23

This week we are celebrating Valentine’s Day. I love factoring in special occasions when meal planning – home cooking is often a lot less expensive than eating out and it can be healthier too! This week’s meal plan features some of the favourite meals we enjoy as a family, including this incredibly delicious and fast Prawn Spaghetti, perfect for busy weeknights!

Massaman Lamb Shanks Recipe

Massaman Lamb Shanks

I would always order Massaman Lamb Shanks at my favourite Thai restaurant until I made the decision to save my money and prepare more meals at home. It blew my mind when I realised I could prepare this dish in 5 minutes and that the oven would do all the hard work for me. There are incredible curry pastes available at the supermarket (I always link my recommendations in my recipes) that are perfectly balanced and refined in terms of flavour, are additive-free, made with quality ingredients and are budget-friendly. These Massaman Lamb shanks are so easy to make, slow-cooked in a rich massaman sauce until the lamb is tender enough to break away with a fork. Your family will love this comforting, warming recipe made at a fraction of the cost.

Homemade Fish and Chips Recipe

Homemade Fish and Chips

I love classic homemade fish and chips with tartare sauce. I bake the chips in the oven and make a large batch of crumbed fish to freeze for later. This way, I know exactly what’s in my meal, unlike store-bought frozen fish portions with added ingredients. The recipe includes instructions for both shallow frying and baking the fish, as well as tips for baking fish from frozen. It’s simple, wholesome cooking at its best.

Prawn Spaghetti Recipe

Prawn Spaghetti

Looking for a delicious and easy pasta recipe to impress your guests? Look no further than my delicious prawn spaghetti recipe! With succulent fresh prawns, perfectly cooked pasta, and a rich tomato sauce, this dish will surely become a family favourite. And the best part – one pot heaven. Less washing up and more time enjoying this tasty meal.

Mussels with Tomato and Garlic Recipe

Mussels with Tomato and Garlic

If you’re daunted by cooking mussels – YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT SPOT! I PROMISE these are so easy to make. This is the perfect recipe for a date night in. I quickly took this photo while sipping a glass of bubbles and celebrating our wedding anniversary. To keep things simple, ask your local fishmonger for a bag of live black mussels that have been expertly cleaned and are ready to cook. I like that these bags display an expiry date, so you know you’re getting fresh seafood. I recommend the small black mussel variety over the large green mussels from NZ  for this recipe. They are sweeter in taste and softer in texture.

Traditional Meat Pie Recipe

Traditional Meat Pie

You’ll love this recipe if you’re a fan of delicious, hearty beef pies. Made with savoury beef mince, these pot pies are a quick and easy alternative to traditional slow-cooked pies. Don’t let the short cook time fool you – these pies are packed with flavour and perfect for a cozy family dinner. Plus, you can easily make a large batch of the beef mixture and freeze it for later use, making it a convenient meal option. 


Chicken Adobo

Chicken Adobo

Chicken adobo is one of the most popular Filipino dishes. I was introduced to it by my mother-in-law, and I have loved it ever since! I love the garlicky, vinegary and peppery marinade, it is addictive. There are so many variations (they are all fantastic!), but this is how I do mine. This dish tastes even better the next day!

Chicken & Chorizo Paella Recipe

Chicken & Chorizo Paella

Although this is far from an authentic Spanish paella, it is a delicious weeknight alternative ready in under 25 minutes. Chicken, chorizo and creamy arborio rice come together to make this colourful signature dish packed with flavour. One pot is all you need, and the method is so simple. 

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