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Meal Plan #3

I like creating moments at home, this includes date nights for Mum and Dad. This delicious Slow Cooker Massaman Beef Curry frequents the meal plan particularly on nights we need a meal that is just for us.

Homemade Chicken Kebabs Recipe

Homemade Chicken Kebabs

Store-bought chicken kebabs are convenient and fast, but there is nothing like the flavour and satisfaction you get from making your own. These homemade chicken kebabs take 15 minutes of preparation, but they deliver an option that is healthier, cheaper and tastier! We love these garlic-infused chicken kebabs on the barbecue served with a classic green salad, roasted potatoes and garlic aioli. Check out the recipe for instructions on how to barbecue, pan-fry or oven-bake these delicious skewers.

Massaman Beef Slow Cooker Recipe

Massaman Beef Slow Cooker

Looking for a hearty and flavorful meal that practically cooks itself? Look no further than this delicious Massaman beef slow cooker recipe! Enjoy tender, melt-in-your-mouth beef in a rich, fragrant curry sauce. And the best part? The slow cooker does all the work for you, so you can sit back and relax while your kitchen fills with the tantalizing aroma of Thai spices. 

Vietnamese Pork Bowl Recipe

Vietnamese Pork Bowl

My Vietnamese pork bowls are on high rotation at our place. Bright, fresh and fun to eat – my kids love them. Thin rice noodles topped with sweet, sticky pork, served with fresh salads and crunchy spring rolls. All the ingredients are brought together with a delicious Vietnamese-inspired dressing. Seriously simple, fast and tasty.

One Pot Greek Chicken and Rice Recipe

One Pot Greek Chicken and Rice

This one-pot meal features tender chicken that’s been infused with zesty lemon and garlic flavours, cooked to perfection on a bed of fluffy rice. Every bite is packed with flavour as the chicken juices seep into the rice. I like to serve it with crumbled feta on top for a creamy and tangy finish. This meal is delicious and easy to prepare, making it the perfect dinner option for a busy weeknight that your whole family will enjoy.

Spinach and Ricotta Tortellini Recipe

Spinach and Ricotta Tortellini

Indulge in a bowl of comforting spinach and ricotta tortellini. This one-pot wonder combines the delicate flavour of ricotta cheese and spinach into perfectly formed pillows of pasta. The dish is made even more delectable with a garlic-infused tomato sauce that’s rich, tangy, and savoury. And the best part? It takes less than 15 minutes to make! 



Easy Fried Rice Recipe

Easy Fried Rice

I always make extra rice when I’m cooking it for a dish and either freeze it for a later meal (yes! Rice freezes beautifully, and you can defrost it quickly in the microwave!) or save the leftover for this recipe. The kids love it, and it makes for a super quick lunch or the perfect side to an Asian-inspired dinner. Simple ingredients make this one of the BEST fried rice recipes you will try.

Wonton Dumpling Soup Recipe

Wonton Dumpling Soup

This wonton dumpling soup is deceptively quick and easy to make! It is one my family’s favourite meals. I love serving it topped with chilli oil, sesame oil and tamari. It is the perfect weeknight dish made in one pot. An added bonus is that these dumplings can be pre-made and left in the fridge or even frozen.

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